Dock Diving Pool

All rentals and lessons are by appointment only.

All rentals must be paid at the time the appointment is made.

Each appointment price is for a specified amount of dogs. Additional dogs are $15 each.

Our pool is on the grounds of The Michael Ellis School for Dog Trainers. All newcomers to our facility must complete at least one of our introductory options in order to get signed-off for open practice rentals. We require this so we are satisfied that you and your dog(s) are comfortable and knowledgeable of the rules of the pool and the school, as well as the physical surroundings, and the dog’s ability to jump and swim safely. We offer different options for new and experienced teams.

Once you are approved, you can attend open practice anytime.

*Your dog must like toys in order to participate in pool activities. To maintain a clean pool for our visitors, we do not allow food rewards in our pool.*


  • After you and your dog(s) get signed-off, you can rent the pool during any open practice times.
  • All dogs must be on leash at all times, until they are in the pool/dock area.
  • A Michael Ellis School staff member must be present at the pool at all times.

Questions? Please contact us at